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est. 2016

Meet the founder, Rylee Reid

RyLee started CrossFit in 2013 and quickly became obsessed. Her hands suffered the consequence and were constantly ripping which caused great frustration. So…she came up with a solution, the SandBar, which quickly took over her life. RyLee quit teaching 2nd grade so she could pursue SandBar full time and loves every minute of it.

RyLee lives in Utah with her three daughters and pup. She is still devoted to CrossFit, every morning at 5:45, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

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What is sandbar?

sandbar reviews

Game changer for Crossfit hands.

I have struggled with rips and calloused hands for years, and I am so happy I finally grabbed the SandBar! I am 100% pleased with this product.

— Taylor

Great product and a good price!

This product is PERFECT for keeping up on those callused hands (& heels)! It’s not meant to be a quick fix but instead a maintenance measure. The round shape is perfect for getting at the base of the fingers!

— Lizzy

For more than calloused hands.

We got this not only for my husbands calloused hands but for my daughter’s soccer feet. She’s an avid soccer player and her cleats do a number on her feet. The sandbar works wonders! We are so thankful to have it.

— Jennifer

nasty hands?

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